Xiaomi Announces Organization Restructure
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Mi headquarter in Beijing. Photo: Credit to Xiaomi

Feb 26, 2019/EqualOcean/- Xiaomi Group announced to restructure its organization, less than 10 days since the last time.

In Feb 26, 2019, Xiaomi Group announced its latest organization restructure and CUI Baoqiu (崔宝秋), was appointed as the vice president of the group and the chairman of the committee of technology. In addition, 14 persons were appointed as general managers and vice general managers in core-technology positions.

This reorganization is the largest adjustment since last Sep when Xiaomi established the Department of Group Organization and the Department of Adviser. At the same time, the group have strengthened the promotion of AloT strategy from the organizational structure level, and the newly established AI Department, Big Data Department and Cloud Platform Department report directly to the CEO.

The CEO of Xiaomi, LEI Jun (雷军) expressed in the inner meeting of Xiaomi that “Technology is related to Xiaomi’s survival, and it’s the most important driving force and engine for Xiaomi’s sustainable development.” LEI Jun stressed that appointing CUI Baoqiu as the chairman of the committee of technology aims to further strengthen the culture of technology and engineer, improve the technology ability of the group.

In addition, Xiaomi restructures the organizational structure of its Internet business. The newly established 5th Department of Internet, is responsible for the localization of overseas basic applications and the commercialization of browsers, information flow services and overseas Internet. The newly established Internet Business Department is responsible for the commercialization of domestic Internet services and the achievement of goals.

The “AloT strategy” and “Internet Business “ are the most frequently mentioned words in this strategic adjustment, especially the “Internet Business”. Lei Jun constantly emphasized in public occasions that  “AI+IoT”is the core strategy of Xiaomi. At the 2019 annual meeting of Xiaomi, Lei Jun once again emphasized the importance of “AIoT Strategy” for Xiaomi and announced“ALL in AIoT”, which will continue to invest more than USD 1.5 billion in the next five years (see more in this article).

Before the advent of 5G time, Lei Jun pinned Xiaomi's future growth point on the Internet of Things. As the second largest business of Xiaomi, IoT and consumer products accounted for a decrease in revenue in Q3, and XiaoAI’s monthly active users were 34 million. In addition, Xiaomi's "Internet business" revenue in Q3 reached USD 0.7 billion , with a YOY increase of 85.5%. According to the financial report, Xiaomi's overseas shipments increased by 61%, and the international market revenue reached CNY 28.5 billion, accounting for 43.9% of its total revenue. However, Xiaomi's Internet service revenue is still mainly in mainland China, and overseas revenues are relatively small.

*Contributor: Zekun Wang

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