Happy Arbor Day And Try to Use XAG's Electronic Scarecrow!
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XAG's Plant Protection Drone is Working. Photo: Credited to XAG

March 12th is China’s traditional Arbor Day. Ant Forest, a platform in Zhifubao (支付宝), offers trees planting services for environmentalists, where people could pay for tree planting. From Mar 12th, 2019 to Apr 12th, 2019, people who plant trees through Ant Forest can receive gifts such as the electronic scarecrow, produced by XAG.

During the past two years, XAG installed a great number of electronic scarecrows in Ant Forests located in Alxa and Ordos area. The so-called electronic scarecrow is XAG’s smart agriculture monitoring station. With thestation’s help, people could check on the tree from their phone. In addition, the XAG’s smart agriculture monitoring station could help the forest administrator to inspect the growing situation of the trees thus improving their survival rate.

According to Ant Forest, by the end of Dec 2018, Ant Forest and other public institutions and local herdsmen have planted more than 55.5 million trees in the desertification areas of northern China, covering more than 760 thousand mu. XAG wants to get more people involved in improving China’s rural areas. That’s the reason why XAG cooperated with Ant Forest.

As a professional agricultural drone manufacturer, XAG will keep focusing on environment protection. In the future, with the smart agriculture solutions, XAG would cooperate with more partners to protect the cultivated land.

Founded in 2007, XAG is a leading drone manufacturer who wants to provide better services to agriculture. Currently, XAG is working on developing and manufacturing automation facilities for agricultural use. Currently, the main productions of XAG includes P series plant-protection drones, C200 mapping drones and many other agricultural solutions. XAG has more than 1,400 people in charge of developing, manufacturing and applying drones and branches in China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, U.S. and Africa.



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