Xiaomi Delays The Publication Date of Xiaomi 9 Series
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Xiaomi 9 Series. Photo: Credited to Xiaomi

On Mar 14, 2019, Xiaomi published a letter of apology. According to Xiaomi, it delays the publish date of the new model of Xiaomi mobile phone, Xiaomi 9 series. Xiaomi says that the new publication date is set at 10:00 a.m., Mar 19, 2019. The reason why Xiaomi changed the publication date is that the inventory of its Xiaomi 9 is not enough for sale, and this would seriously affect the customer experience.  Currently, Xiaomi has already stepped up production to replenish its inventory of Xiaomi 9.

Xiaomi 9 series was published on Feb 20, 2019. Before this, Xiaomi announced that the inventory of Xiaomi 9 series is enough, and in the first month after Xiaomi 9’s publication, its shipment would be more than 1 million units. The CEO of Xiaomi, LEI Jun (雷军) used to tell the fans that “In order to guarantee the spot goods of Xiaomi 9, we began to produce massively since January 2019.” On the conference of Xiaomi, LEI Jun also emphasized that Xiaomi 9 will be sold in spot goods form, and the selling channels including Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Family, Xiaomi Youpin,,,,,, etc.

LEI Jun even post a Weibo which says that “Stop pushing me! If the shipment of Xiaomi 9 is less than 1 million in the first month, I will go to Xiaomi’s factory to tighten the screws.”

LEI Jun has a very high expectation of Xiaomi 9. He used to introduce this model in his Weibo and said that the inner code of Xiaomi 9 is “Battle Angel”. LEI Jun has two requirements for Xiaomi 9. Firstly, it must be the most beautiful Xiaomi mobile phone ever. Secondly, it must have the best performance. That’s the reason why the code of Xiaomi 9 is “Battle Angel”. On the other hand, Xiaomi 9 is also the first Xiaomi’s mobile phone model after the independence of Redmi brand, and the publication of Xiaomi’s “Phone + AIoT” strategy.

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