Xiaomi Will Conduct 18-Months Quality Guarantee as An Experiment
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Conference of Redmi 9. Photo: Credited to Xiaomi

On Mar 15, 2019, at the “Representative Channel”, LEI Jun (雷军), the NPC deputy and founder of Xiaomi, while answering the reporters said that 5G has a very broad application prospect, and many people believe that 5G would have a bright future. “Some people say that 5G+AI+Iot would be the next super Internet, and I couldn’t agree more.” LEI Jun said that, currently, Xiaomi has connected more than 130 million devices in the IoT field and become the largest consumer Internet company.
In addition, LEI Jun said that Xiaomi would combine the government’s orders with the practical, and hopefully improve the whole industry. In order to achieve this goal, Xiaomi founded the Group’s quality community and promote quality change throughout the company.

LEI Jun said that Xiaomi has greatly improved its internal quality after a lot of hard work. At the end of 2018, Xiaomi won the first prize of China Association for Quality. Furthermore, Xiaomi broke the 12-months quality guarantee convention of the mobile phone industry. From 2018, Xiaomi would conduct a test of 18 months quality guarantee service.

Redmi Note 7, published on Jan 10, 2019, was the first model of Xiaomi Group which supports the 18-months quality guarantee service. On Jan 23, 2019, Xiaomi Group started the “2019, Year of Service Quality” activity. Xiaomi’s officer said that Xiaomi would pursue higher service quality and extreme customer experience.

LEI Jun’s other proposal is to promote the legislation of commercial spaceflight. According to LEI Jun, “The spaceflight is the commanding elevation point of the whole high-technology industry. As a country with a strong spaceflight technology, China needs to promote its legislation of commercial spaceflight while makes use of the private enterprise’s advantages to accelerate the technology innovation.”

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