Jushui Tan Completes Its B3 Round Financing with CNY 300 Million
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SaaS ERP System of Jushui Tan. Photo: Credited to Jushui Tan

The SaaS ERP service provider of E-commerce, Jushui Tan (聚水潭), completed its B3 round financing with CNY 300 million by the end of Feb 2019, and Sequoia was the sole investor. So far, the total financing amount of Jushui Tan is CNY 550 million, which is the highest record in the E-commerce SaaS ERP, a segmentation field. According to the founder of Jushui Tan, LUO Haidong (骆海东), the money financed would be used to update its service, hire more employees, better the collaboration of the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, and help the company to go overseas.

Jushui Tan was founded in 2014 and focuses on the SaaS ERP of E-commerce. The Jushui Tan offers the SaaS ERP system to the E-commerce players on different platforms. The system has 12 modules including order-placing, warehousing, community, purchasing, after-sale service, supply chain, and third-party warehouse. With acquisition, Jushui Tan has become an E-commerce service platform including “Shengsuan (胜算)”, the E-commerce business analysis tool, “Ju Dianzhang (聚店长)”, the store management system, “Ju Yingxiao (聚营销)”, a service for sales, and “Doucang (抖仓)”, the service platform of unsalable inventories.

Currently, Jushui Tan make use of three strategies: “ERP+”, “SaaS+”, “Service+” to collect the data and connect the service providers as well as deepen its services, build a synergistic service and SaaS platform of E-commerce.

According to LUO Haidong, with the changes of E-commerce, the market has a huge demand of the E-commerce SaaS. SaaS has natural advantages to medium and small sellers because it doesn’t require a great input on finance or human resources which is required while making a website or APP. What’s more, the SaaS could help the shop owner to share the data, and improve the operating efficiency in front end and back end. In this way, SaaS could generate new values.

The E-commerce platforms that Jushui Tan cooperated with are mainly Alibaba and There are more than 130 platforms Jushui Tan cooperated with, and in average, for every 10 -15 orders there will be 1 order processed by Jushui Tan. Jushui Tan has served more than 100 thousand E-commerce enterprises, in 2018, the revenue of Jushui Tan exceeded CNY 300 million.

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