A Special Douyin Challenge for Xiaomi 9
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WANG Yuan and LEI Jun. Photo: Credited to Xiaomi

Mar 17, 2018 /EqualOcean/ - Currently, with the increasing influence of Douyin, a short video media APP in China, it seems that every mobile phone brand should launch a challenge in the app for their new phone’s model. However, with the popularity of Douyin’s challenge, people began to focus on the video views, participation, and praise numbers. Content, as the core of the broadcast, is always ignored by people.

From Feb 22 to Mar 6, Xiaomi 9 launched a special challenge on Douyin. By introducing the interaction and focusing on content, Xiaomi showed that we could use the app in other ways and not only to focus on views.

WANG Yuan (王源), a Chinese singer, cooperated with LEI Jun (雷军), Xiaomi’s founder of CEO, started this challenge called “looking for a battle angel with 1 million Yuan”. By using this special slogan, WANG Yuan’s star charisma, and the prize of 1 million Yuan, it has successfully attracted more than 950 thousand people to show their talent and gained 1.9 billion total views.  A lot of the quality content resonated with Xiaomi’s brand.

Although the challenge may not be the most popular, it has a higher level of quality. For example, fantastic performances from the excellent dubbing artists, the fancy drum from LI Keying (李科颖), and the finger-dance from Cindy are some examples. Lots of actors on Douyin have spread the slogan of Xiaomi 9, which is “beautiful but strong”.

It's undeniable that the challenge is unique and a wonderful challenge from Xiaomi

With the help of WANG Yuan, the challenge attracted lots of women. According to statistics, the female users’ participation in this challenge reached 62.83%, and that’s what Xiaomi 9 wants to achieve due to its low percentage of female users. Almost 70% of Xiaomi’s users are male, and that’s why Xiaomi tries to better its user structure.

Besides its Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU and 20W wireless charging system, the Xiaomi 9 also focuses on its camera shooting function and beautiful function, which female users love. In addition, Xiaomi 9 also has a light and thin design with full-curved glass and a thickness of only 7.61 mm. It provides 3 colors: holographic blue, holographic purple, and space gray. LEI Jun says that Xiaomi 9 would be the most beautiful model of Xiaomi. With a beautiful appearance and strong configuration, it isn’t difficult for Xiaomi 9 to be sold out on its publication day. On Mar 14, 2019, Xiaomi apologized for not keeping up with demand for its Xiaomi 9 and promised that on Mar 19, Xiaomi 9 would sell again.


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