Xiaomi Holds Its Chinese President Meeting
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Xiaomi's strategy for future. Photo: Credit to Xiaomi

On April 1, 2019, Xiaomi held its Chinese president meeting to introduce the Mi Fan’s Festival which will be held later. The senior vice president of Xiaomi Group and the president of Xiaomi China area, WANG Chuan (王川), announced that Xiaomi would start its 9 Years Anniversary Carnival on April 9, from 0:00 to 24:00. Customers could buy Xiaomi’s productions with a very low price and the total discount reached more than CNY 200 million, which makes it become the Mi Fan’s Festival with the biggest discount. According to WANG, 20 new productions will be published by the festival. Besides the WANG Yuan (王源) edition of Xiaomi 9, Xiaomi also published lots of items belongs to Xiaomi ecological chain, ranging from bedroom, kitchen, living room, office, and travel. With the publication of the new productions, Xiaomi aims to enlarge its advantages in AIoT industry.

WANG firstly explained the situation of Xiaomi 9. Xiaomi 9 used to be sold out for the first time when it began to sell, and many customers cannot buy one. People used to believe that Xiaomi is doing hunger marketing, but WANG denied that. According to WANG, by the end of March, the total shipment of Xiaomi 9 is more than 1 million, and the shipment of Redmi Note7 is more than 4 million.

LEI Jun (雷军), the founder and CEO of Xiaomi, used to promise that if the shipment of Xiaomi 9 is less than 1 million, he would go to the Xiaomi’s factory to tighten the screws. Now he achieved his promise, and Xiaomi 9 keeps being popular among consumers. 

The touchable version of Xiaoai smart speaker would be published by that time with the price of CNY 299. Xiaoai is a speaker with AI and IoT technology, which could play the music as the user asked and can even give orders to the electric appliances. The touchable version of Xiaoai attracted more than 420 thousand people to join its public survey. In addition, Xiaomi also published its Mi+ hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner, which could remove dust and mites with the price of CNY 1199. Other items published during the conference including the Mi+ electric kettle, and Mi + suitcases for traveling. Mi + floor cleaning robot and Walkie-talkie were published as well.

2019 is the year when Xiaomi Group started its strategy that “smartphone + AIoT”, which is made up of the 1+4+X strategic production combination. 1 refers to the Xiaomi phone, 4 refers to four strategic productions including Xiaoai speaker, TV, laptop and router, while X refers to the rich productions belongs to the Xiaomi ecologic chain.  Xiaoai speaker is in a leading role of the smart speaker industry with its 10 million sales volume. Currently, the smart speaker becomes the AIoT control center for the home, and lots of Internet companies input money to develop it. Xiaoai, with the help of Xiaomi’s X, is covering different aspects of our life and has the largest number of devices connected to, which shows Xiaoimi’s successful strategy on AIoT.

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