Xiaomi Finishes Its Technology Committee Structure
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Lei Jun, the founder and CEO of Xiaomi. PHOTO: Credit to Xiaomi

On Apr 30, 2019, Xiaomi Group published its latest technology human resources appointment and appointed 19 committee members of the Group’s technology committee. Xiaomi founded the technology committee in February 2019, and Professor CUI Baoqiu (崔宝秋), the vice president of Xiaomi group, was appointed as the chairman of the Xiaomi’s technology committee. LEI Jun (雷军), the founder and CEO of Xiaomi group, gave a speech during the Xiaomi’s meeting. LEI said that the technology committee should build the first-class technology team and culture. In addition, LEI will give reward the excellent and outstanding engineers with millions of CNY in order to promote technology innovation and breakthrough.

Xiaomi’s appointment not only finished the support of technology development in group structure level but also shows Xiaomi’s determination to invest more in technology in the future. With the full establishment of the Xiaomi group’s technology committee, Xiaomi now owns a team of engineers that masters the high-end technology. According to Xiaomi group’s appointment document, the consultant committee and the committee office, which used to belong to the Xiaomi technology committee, would be combined with the previous department of standard and technology. This appointment shows that the basic structure of Xiaomi group’s technology committee was completed.

According to the people familiar with the matter, this new appointment provides innovation power and technology support for Xiaomi’s “smartphone + AIoT” strategy and would help Xiaomi to build a team that based on technology innovation. LEI Jun said that talents are the most significant thing when talking about innovation. In the future, Xiaomi will pay more attention to the hiring of talents with a Ph.D. degree, and young technology talents from famous educational institutions. With the promotion of the group’s technology committee, Xiaomi would build a complete evaluation system of technology talents in order to help them focus on the R&D.

Under the new technologic structure, Xiaomi group’s technology committee has 5 missions. Firstly, the committee should master the technology direction and pre-research the latest technology. Plus, the committee should build cooperation with the government, university, enterprise, and industrial experts. In addition, the committee should take responsibilities of the finding, hiring, training and encouraging of the technology talents. Furthermore, the committee would lead the technology teams in charge of different businesses. Lastly, the committee should build an excellent engineer culture of the whole team in order to improve the engineers’ sense of achievement.

LEI Jun talked many times that Xiaomi will build 2 technology R&D centers in Nanjing and Wuhan, with a scale of about 20 thousand people. This establishment aims to make a good talent accumulation for Xiaomi. Founded in 2010, Xiaomi spent a lot in technology innovation. During the past 3 years, Xiaomi spent CNY 11.1 billion in R&D, while in 2018, Xiaomi invests CNY 5.8 billion in R&D, with a YOY growth rate of 83.3%. In 2018, Xiaomi’s hardware R&D employees creased 2 times, and Xiaomi solved lots of core technology problems including 5G phone and foldable screen.



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