WIM Salon | HeyTea, SandStar, Cheers in Beijing!
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Heytea, SandStar and CHEERS will join the WIM Salon this Sunday

The changing consumer types and technologies have been making the time-varying consumption trends more exciting. On October 27, 2019 in Beijing, WIM Salon invites you to join the discussion on Chinese consumers, new consumer brands and the new technologies that power the future market.

Three professionals from HeyTea (喜茶), SandStar (视达) and CHEERS (齐饮) respectively will come and share their knowledge through an intimate panel discussion during the Sunday meeting.

About our guests

Yili Wu | Founder and CEO of SandStar

Yili is one of the first graduates of the Tsinghua University School of Software and a serial entrepreneur. He has eight years of sales management experience at Oracle and IBM. As the top sales at IBM, Yili achieved 80% market share when leading IBM China's e-commerce sales team. He has extensive experience in business operations and management.

Yili started SandStar in 2017, a company focuses on AI computer vision in the retail scene, using AI technology to constantly explore the edge of new retail. Bred and grown in Tsinghua University, one of the top schools in China, SandStar now has a team of over 220 tech experts. Products include AI Vending Machine, AI Checkout Machine, Pure Computer Vision Unmanned Store and Smart Store Analysis. As one of the most fast-growing companies in AI retail, SandStar’s business launched in 11 countries, serving over 20 Fortune 500 companies globally to form the AI retail ecosystem. The team is backed by several top investors with three rounds of fundings.

Michelle Wu | Business Development GM of HeyTea

Michelle is an expert in the retail industry. Having seven years of working experience in Mcdonald's and five years in Walmart as a director in real estate development, she is now in charge of the business development of HeyTea, the leading player in the Chinese new style tea drink market.

Founded in 2012, HeyTea originated in a small town in Guangdong. Now it has grown to a CNY 9 billion (USD 1.28 billion) valuation company with millions of fans around China. The key products of the new style tea drink include cheese-topped tea and fruit tea. It also started selling snacks and Hong Kong-style coffee in early March 2019. The company has four types of stores: HeyTea Lab, serving as a flagship store, HeyTea Space, providing freshly pour-over tea, standard shops and HeyTea Go, mainly for to-go tea drinks. 
The company sets its strategic goal as becoming the world’s leading tea drink brand. 

Claudia Masueger | Founder and CEO of CHEERS

Claudia, from Switzerland, arrived in China in 2008 with two suitcases full of wine samples to start an incredible adventure. She first successfully built up a B2B wine wholesale company in Beijing called MQ Wines. 

Seeing a huge opportunity in distributing high-quality wines from the vineyards directly to Chinese young consumers at affordable prices, Claudia founded CHEERS in 2011. Today CHEERS count over 66 outlets in 14 different cities and it’s famous for making wine drinking fund & affordable. Claudia’s strong will to go beyond borders, her passion for people, her family´s wine background and her sensibility for the market has made her one 
of the figureheads of the Chinese wine market.

Steven Wang |  Senior Analyst and Head of Market Research of Ant Financial

Steven Wang is the Senior Analyst and Head of Market Research at Ant Financial’s Intelligent Technology Group, responsible for carrying out strategic research for Ant Financial’s innovation initiatives such as Ant Blockchain. Prior to joining Ant Financial, Steven worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland as the innovation consultant for emerging technologies.

Steven will be hosting the panel discussion and bring out interesting topics for our guest speakers.

EqualOcean has released a report on China's new consumer market. It shed light on the major types of consumers and also introduced the foreseeable rise in domestic brands. Download the report and find more.

World Innovators Meet (WIM) 2019 officially launched with WIM Salon on August 25, 2019. There are three coming events on Brain-Machine Interface, Automobile and WIM annual summary. Register here!

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