Huawei’s Operating Income Up 13.1% in the First Half of 2020
COVID-19 and China
A Huawei phone. Image Credit: Pixabay.

According to Huawei, it has gained sales revenue of CNY 454 billion in the first half-year, an increase of 13.1% compared with last year. Moreover, its net profit margin has also grown 1% higher – to 9.2% – so far.

When separating its sales revenues into three sectors, operators have got CNY 159.6 billion, enterprises have earned CNY 36.3 billion and consumers CNY 255.8 billion in the first half-year of 2020. Specifically, they have accounted for 35.15%, 8% and 56.34% separately. Compared with last year, there is no obvious change in its percentages. Hence, it is expected that the consumer would still be the largest income source in 2020.

During the shock of COVID-19, Information Communication Technology (ICT) has played an essential role in fighting against the contagion. As a provider of key infrastructure, Huawei's ICT business has helped to lower carbon emissions to 80%.

Editor: Luke Sheehan

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