'JD Shopping' Applet Rushes to the Second Place on the Aladdin Index
COVID-19 and China
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According to Aladdin's 'Internet Development Report for Mini Programs in the First Half of 2020,' online shopping applets under the epidemic are showing growing DAU figures. Users are spending more time on shopping, and group sharing is the source for increased new users and active users. has a dual-platform layout on WeChat with its social e-commerce platforms: Jingxi Mini Program and JD Shopping Mini Program.

During the '618 festival,' the active users of the Jingxi Mini Program increased by around 200%, and the number of new users exceeded 600%, with the order exceeding 7 million.

At the beginning of June, the Aladdin index of the JD shopping applet soared to 9,700 points and remained above 9,000. After the '618 promotion,' the JD shopping applet rushed to the n.2 place in the Aladdin Index.


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