Communication Author:WIM Committee , WIM Committee Editor:Luke Sheehan Sep 28, 2020 11:17 AM (GMT+8)

The WIMie Family is starting to expand!

WIM2020 is returning – bigger and brighter

Want to go right to the heart of a technological revolution?

Would you like to gain international working experience starting immediately?

Could you be a part of a dream team building an innovative legacy?

If this sounds like your type of hustle, read on.

First, more about WIM… and WIMies:

We are the World Innovators Meet (WIM), a flagship conference organized by EqualOcean. We have created a playground for those striving to innovate. We handpick global leaders, top academics and tech-savvy game-changers. Our community is already thriving. WIMies are members of our volunteer program – every year they enable the running of a smooth, tech-focused ship!

After three eventful days at WIM2019 Beijing, the WIM Committee is officially announcing this year's WIM 2020 mega-event will be held from December 9-11, 2020. This time, we have fully upped our game to bring the WIM2020 to life online, welcoming our friends from every corner of the world while embracing change amid uncertainty.

This year's special theme is Technology and Innovation: Connecting the World, focusing on global interconnectivity and interdependence. For more information on the WIM2020 edition, refer to our official launch article here.

About the WIMie Ambassador Program:

This year, we are launching a brand-new program for future stars like you. You will be participating in various stages of the preliminary preparation. Your participation will certainly spice up the event and enable more breakthroughs. As our WIMie Ambassador you will be representing us and helping to spread the WIM spirit.

Perks you'll get for joining us:

► Working on the frontline of dealing with global business leaders, Nobel laureates, serial entrepreneurs and the like.

► Gain an exclusive chance to exchange insights with top-notch innovators and outstanding guest speakers.

► Have exclusive one-on-one conversations interviewing high-profile elites.

► A hands-on mentor system to help you get onboard fast and learn more productively.

► International working experience right at your doorstep.

► Receive a WIM Ambassador Certificate.

►¥150/day stipend.

What you'll do:

1. Project Specialist (12 people)

► Be the guest speakers' first point of contact, attend to any doubts they may have.

► Develop rapport and conduct one-on-one interviews with guest speakers.

► Deliver the guest speakers' insights accordingly in written format.

2. Communications/Marketing Specialist (2 people)

► Distribute materials (articles and posters) on various channels.

► Utilize different resources to maximize outreach.

► Strategize distribution methods in appropriate channels.

► Communicate effectively with fellow Project Specialists.

What you'll need to have:

► Interpersonal skills, like to think out of the box, out-spoken.

► Join us in person at the EqualOcean office daily; online means will be considered while offline means prioritized.

► Proficiency in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

When and where:

► Location

EqualOcean Beijing office: CEC Development Mansion, 9 Xia Guang Li, Chaoyang District; OR

EqualOcean Shanghai office: Ai Tower, 701 Yun Jin Rd., Xu Hui District

► Date: now – end of December 2020

How to Apply:

Fill in the registration form at

For any questions or doubts, please write to us at, with [your name + WIMie Ambassador Program ] included in the Subject line.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!