Xiaomi Unveils UWB Technology – Building Moats for Its Smartphone and IoT Ecosystem
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Image credit: Xiaomi

As the following technology of Xiaomi's (01810:HK) recently released under-screen camera, the ultra-wideband technology intrigued the investors in the capital market and drove the company's Hong Kong shares up by 8.35%. The technology is mostly engaged with the location and remote control of smart devices through ultra-wideband instead of the commonly used infrared light control.

The technology utilizes a large bandwidth starting from 500 MHz and higher, as in the case of the Xiaomi UWB, and is often used by wireless monitors, routers, and even portable pocket printers because they won't interfere with narrowband and carrier wave communication. In the company's introduction video, the smartphone, which is UWB-empowered could sense which smart home device that the user is pointing to, and the control panel will automatically pop up to deliver further instructions.

The company announced that the sensing precision through UWB is centimeter-level and the detection error is under 3 degrees. If this kind of control could only be realized in Xiaomi phones, the user stickiness and even the sales volume would be driven upward accordingly.

Editor: Luke Sheehan

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