Technology Author: Fuller Wang Jun 22, 2021 06:12 PM (GMT+8)

The funds are to be used for human clinical trial research and AI development.


The investment was followed by many famous institutional investors such as Qiming Venture, Pavilion Capital, Eight Roads, Lilly Asia Ventures and Sinovation Ventures.

 Established in 2014, Cyzone has been focusing on end-to-end artificial intelligence in targeting recognition, generating biological data, and predicting clinical trial results. The company's core technology is to develop a series of generated Gans and RLS to identify protein targets to treat serious diseases such as cancer, metabolic diseases and neurodegenerative diseases. AI-assisted new drug research and development can shorten the new drug research process to a few months, improve the accuracy rate and finally reducing the cost. This is the core value of AI medicine research technology.

 According to Cyzone, the funds raised in its Series C will be used to promote human clinical research and further develop the company's AI capabilities.

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