GTA Semiconductor Completes Strategic Financing of CNY 8 Bn

Technology Author: 刘城宏 Editor: 马渭淞 Nov 30, 2021 05:57 PM (GMT+8)

This round of financing will help GTA Semiconductor give full play to its advantages, as well as increase the R&D in vehicle-scale chip manufacturing, to further accelerate and consolidate the improvement of automotive electronics manufacturing capacity.

Chip semiconductor

This round of strategic financing is led by Huada Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Other investors include CII Fund, Shang QI Capital, Skyworth investment, Xiaomi Changjiang fund, CITIC Industrial Fund, CICC, China Capital Management Co., Ltd., Guotai Junan Securities, etc.

Founded in 2017, GTA Semiconductor is a large-scale integrated circuit (IC) chip manufacturer; it is also the pioneer in manufacturing automotive electronic chips, IGBT chips in domestic market. GTA Semiconductor holds a leading position in the analog wafer foundry area, with over thirty years experience in chip manufacturing, and is on the leading edge in analog IC process technology and facilities, with a strict quality management system.

In August 2018, GTA Semiconductor invested CNY 35.9 billion to build a specialized production line in Shanghai Lingang, focusing on analog circuits and power devices. In October of the same year, GTA Semiconductor merged with Shanghai Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation Limited (ASMC).

The company's customers include world's leading integrated device manufactures and fabless semiconductor companies, with its products being widely used in a broad range of fields of smart identification cards, automotive electronics, power management, communication and electronic consumer goods. 

It is reported that the goal of GTA Semiconductor is to build an 8-inch production line with a monthly production capacity of 6,0000 pieces and a 12 inch production line with a monthly production capacity of 5,0000 pieces. The products are mainly oriented to industrial control, automobile, electric power, energy and other fields. The company planned to start the first phase of 8-inch chip process production line in 2020 and the second phase of 12 inch chip process production line would be put into production in 2023.