China IQM Startup e-Quality Raises Nearly CNY 100 Mn in Series B Round

Technology Author: Chengyu Yang Editor: Tao Ni Apr 10, 2022 11:23 AM (GMT+8)

The company is one of the beneficiaries of the boom of the SaaS industry in China


Chinese internet quality monitor startup e-Quality (Chinese: 依柯力) has recently netted close to CNY 100 million from its Series B round of funding, led by Topping Capital (Chinese: 拓金资本), with participation from Jinsha Capital (Chinese: 锦沙资本) and Shanghai S&T Investment (Chinese: 上海科投股份).

e-Quality is a supplier of IQM solutions, focusing on the automotive industry (including vehicle, engine, gearbox, power battery and parts) to provide intelligent factory overall digital solutions. Its main business includes manufacturing operation management system, internet quality monitor system, supply chain management system and industrial Big Data product development, technical consulting, system integration, operation and maintenance.

The company’s last round of financing was in 2019, backed by Yinxinggu Capital (Chinese:银杏谷). The amount raised is also not disclosed.

e-Quality’s competitors include Siemens CN, Rockwell Automation, General Electric CN, Kistler CN and Tox-Pressotechnik CN.