Synthetic Biotechnology Firm Evolyzer Nets CNY 50 Mn in Angel Round

Healthcare Author: Siren Chen Jun 06, 2022 09:35 PM (GMT+8)

Relying on the patented technology of Tsinghua University, Evolyzer is committed to realizing the green biological manufacturing of special chemicals. It is used for application-oriented fields such as agriculture, oil, daily chemicals, and medicine.


Evolyzer, a start-up of synthetic biotechnology, completed an angel round of financing of CNY 50 million (USD 7.53 million). Sequoia (Chinese: 红杉中国) and FreesFund (Chinese: 峰瑞资本) jointly led the investment, followed by Tsinghua Innovation Ventures (Chinese: 水木创投) and Konyo (Chinese: 康裕资本)

The fund is used for team development, laboratory construction, new product pipeline development, and mature products’ market promotion.

Founded in February 2022, Evolyzer has developed an efficient editing method for the Rhodococcus rubrum genome, which can realize the knockout, replacement, and transformation of target genes in the genome and simultaneous knockout of multiple genes. It laid a solid foundation for the development of erythrococcus whole-cell catalytic platform technology and its application in the green manufacturing of chemicals.

According to the research report of McKinsey in 2021, the technological revolution of synthetic biology will bring direct economic benefits of US 2-4 trillion to the world every year in the next 10-20 years.

Synthetic biology is sought after by the capital market. According to incomplete statistics, in the first half of 2022, at least 17 Chinese synthetic biology firms received investment, including Bluepha (Chinese: 蓝晶微生物), Phabuilder (Chinese: 微构工厂), Tsingke Biotechnology (Chinese: 擎科生物), Leadsynbio (Chinese: 引航生物), Tidetron (Chinese: 态创生物) and so on.