AI-driven Biotech Galixir Nominates Preclinical Candidate in Treating Autoimmune Disease

Healthcare Author: Mianmian Wang Jun 21, 2022 01:44 PM (GMT+8)

Founded in 2019, Galixir named a Preclinical Candidate (PCC) for the treatment of Autoimmune Disease (AID) which was screened out of around 80 compounds via its proprietary platform, Pyxir®, making it another top-ranking China-based AI-driven drug discovery company.


Galixir (Chinese: 星药科技), the China-based AI-driven drug discovery company, recently nominated a PCC for the treatment of Autoimmune Disease (AID). This is one of Galixir’s wholly owned product pipelines. 

PCC is a compound derived from a Lead Compound that is determined to be appropriate for pharmacology, toxicology, ADME, formulation and process development studies for Investigational New Drug (IND). 

Within one month, Galixir discovered three compounds with new molecular skeletons, all of which exhibited high activity (EC50<100 nM) in the wet-lab experiments. One of them is a promising seed compound with EC50 lower than 10 nM. 

“Based on currently available experimental results, our PCC is expected to show high efficacy at a low dose clinically, thereby easing the concerns of the cardiac safety. We also expect it to reduce the chance of second infection of patients as we have observed that lymphocytes recovered quickly in our disease models after the treatment-discontinuation of this compound,” Li Chengtao, CEO of Galixir told EqualOcean at an exclusive interview. 

AID refers to a group of diseases that the body mistakenly attacks and damages its own organs or tissues, with rheumotoid arthritis and lupus being the most common examples. Except for AID, Galixir has also been working on other diseases such as central nerve system (CNS) diseases, cancers and respiratory diseases, while collaborating with various pharma companies and research institutes on their own pipelines.

“Sticking to the philosophy of solving unmet clinical needs, Galixir will continue to focus on the R&D of undruggable and undeveloped targets and provide novel and differentiated drugs for patients,” Li said.  

Galixir's competitors include StoneWsie, Insilico Medicine and MindRank.AI.