Akusense Pockets Tens of Millions of USD in Series A+, Led by Shunwei Capital

Technology Author: Guoyan Wu Jul 07, 2022 06:35 PM (GMT+8)

Industrial sensors are the fundamental devices in automation and the perceptual basis of intelligent manufacturing. Akusense aims to provide one-stop intelligent sensor solutions for customers in the industrial field.


Recently, Akusense (Chinese: 志奋领科技), an industrial smart sensor solution provider, announced the completion of Series A+ worth nearly tens of millions of USD. This funding round was led by Shunwei Capital (Chinese: 顺为资本), with participation from Yiheda (Chinese:怡合达).

According to Tang Kexin, founder and CEO of Akusense, the proceeds will be mainly used for R&D and business expansion. On the one hand, the company will expand the R&D team to further develop optoelectronic bottom devices, chips and optics, as well as build 5 laboratories such as precision optics.

On the other hand, it will upgrade the business flow of all departments and add 6 new field offices to form a service network capable of supporting 200 core distributors and 40,000 users to further improve customer experience and service speed.

Founded in 2010, Akusense focuses on the development of industrial intelligent sensors for the 3C electronics, new energy, semiconductor process, medical electronics and service robotics industries, providing precision intelligence and AI sensing solutions, including high-precision positioning, image recognition, precision measurement and safe obstacle avoidance.

In 2021, Akusense achieved revenues of nearly CNY 100 million, with over 60% from the 3C electronics and new energy market, and nearly 20% from the overseas market. Its total revenue is expected to grow by 120% this year.

Its competitors include Junion Tech (Chinese: 玖物互通),Sum Young Tech(Chinese: 昇阳科技)and Yunuo Technology (Chinese:宇诺科技).