Healthnice Pharmaceutical Technology Raises CNY 100 Mn

Healthcare Author: Mianmian Wang Aug 16, 2022 04:37 PM (GMT+8)

Healthnice, a pharmaceutical technology firm, will further expand its business with the proceeds.

Great changes of pharmaceutical industry in 70 years

Healthnice Pharmaceutical Technology (Chinese: 海纳医药) completed a round of equity financing valued at CNY 100 million in August. 

This round was led by Zhongjinzhuanhua Capital (Chinese: 中金传化基金)领投. Sunland Fund (Chinese: 山蓝资本)、Jiangxi Guokong Industry Development Capital (Chinese: 江西省国控产业发展基金) and other investors also participated in this round. 

The proceeds will be used for the deployment of R&D of product pipelines and expansino of R&D teams. 

Founded in 2001, Healthnice is a R&D driven and innovation-oriented drug research and development organization and has gradually formed a “CXO+MAH” dual-wheel-driven business model. At present, Healthnice has more than 20 products with marketing authorization and more than 60 projects under review or research. It also provides more than 500 professional services such as CRO and CDMO for more than 100 partnering clients in China. At the same time, the company has built more than 10 production workshops for oral solid preparations, oral liquid preparations, injections, micropills, gel agents, gel plaster and other dosage forms. 

Companies that also have CXO business include dMed biopharma, Tigermed and TOT biopharma.