MIGS Developer Health Guard Biomed Nets CNY 100 Mn in Series A Round

Healthcare Author: Siren Chen Sep 19, 2022 06:06 PM (GMT+8)

This financing round is mainly used to promote the multicenter clinical trials of the company's micro-invasive glaucoma products and accelerate the R&D, clinical application and production of other innovative ophthalmic products.


Health Guard Biomed (Chinese: 海思盖德(苏州)生物医学科技有限公司), an innovative medical device enterprise focusing on micro-invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS), has recently completed a new round of financing of nearly CNY 100 million in Series A round. The fund was led by Delian Capital (Chinese: 德联资本), followed by Banyan Pacific Capital (Chinese: 榕泉资本), Huahong Capital (Chinese: 华汯资本), and the existing shareholders BioTrack Capital (Chinese: 博远资本)and TF Capital (Chinese: 泰福资本). G&G Capital (Chinese: 歌路资本) served as the exclusive financial advisor.

As the leading cause of global irreversible blindness, glaucoma cannot be cured by medicine or traditional surgery. However, the current diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma in China are still dominated by the above solutions. This will lead to an untoward reaction, poor compliance, poor intraocular pressure control, trauma of major surgery, damage to the normal structure and function of the eye, and other severe complications.

This kind of treatment will cause more than 5.6 million permanent blindness in 20 million patients. The rapid development of MIGS in recent years has become a new trend in treating glaucoma due to its safety, effectiveness and healthier compliance prognosis.

MIGS has been widely used as a new means of glaucoma treatment globally, and increasing attention from domestic venture capital has been given to the MIGS. The MIGS-related enterprises that have obtained financing this year include Mingche Biology (Chinese: 明澈生物), Purevision (Chinese: 朗目医疗), Chongqing Migos Medical Technology (Chinese: 重庆米戈思医疗技术有限公司) and Unsights Med (Chinese: 优视眼科).