Satellite Component Company Laser Starcom Nets more than 10 Mn in Series A

Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang Mar 13, 2023 10:49 PM (GMT+8)

The rapid development of laser communication technology at home and abroad is having a profound impact on the satellite communication industry, and forming a great driving force for China's low-orbit satellite industry. With the completion of the application business and landing, the integrated manufacturing of satellite platform will put forward brand new requirements on the form and comprehensive cost performance of the ministry components.

Ir satellite

Laser Starcom(Chinese:极光星通), founded in August 2020, is a national high-tech enterprise focused on the research and development of space laser communication technology and the manufacturing of related products. The company recently announced the completion of Series A financing. This round of financing was led by Founder H Fund(Chinese:方正和生) and co-invested by Shunwei Capital(Chinese:顺为资本). Proceeds from this round will be used for subsequent ongoing R&D investment and capacity building for mass supply of satellite laser communication terminals and components.

With the advancement of China's space infrastructure planning and the explosive growth of orbiting satellites at home and abroad, low-orbiting satellites have become an important part of space-based information system construction due to their flexible development process and high overall cost performance. Space laser communication technology has become the core means of high-speed inter-satellite and satellite-ground large-scale dynamic network data transmission. Compared with traditional communication technology, space laser communication technology has the advantages of high transmission bandwidth, strong anti-interference capability, no frequency band limitation and high cost-effectiveness ratio, and has broad application prospects in the fields of aviation, space, earth and ocean.

With more than ten years of accumulation and technical innovation in the aerospace field, the Aurora team has formed a complete technology development and production system for laser communication terminals, taking into account the application needs of domestic low-orbit satellite constellations. Through multiple iterations of optimization, the product terminal weight has been compressed from traditional tens of kilograms to a few kilograms, greatly enhancing the comprehensive application benefits of satellite orbit resources.

Laser Starcom's core technical members come from traditional aerospace units such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, and Space Science and Industry Group, and have attracted technical experts from domestic head communication companies such as Huawei and ZTE Corporation. The backbone members have rich experience in the field of space laser communication. The company has completed the first phase of production line investment and construction, and can gradually realize batch production and delivery.

In the past two years, the rapid development of low-orbit satellites has brought new opportunities and challenges to the industry. As the core technology of communication satellites, space laser communication technology will fully empower the satellite in-orbit application business, playing the role of function catalyst and efficiency multiplier, and the innovative technology promotion will certainly greatly promote the vigorous development of space application industry.