POP MART Opens Fourth Store in Thailand

Consumer Staples Author: EqualOcean News, ChenZhiheng Apr 16, 2024 04:00 PM (GMT+8)

POP MART has recently achieved remarkable success in the Thai market. To further satisfy the enthusiastic fans, POP MART continues to expand its presence in Thailand by opening its fourth store in Thailand's Fashion Island shopping center.

In September 2023, POP MART opened its first store in Thailand, which is located in the Central World shopping center in Bangkok's CBD, the second-largest shopping center in Southeast Asia, and the largest department store in Bangkok. The high per capita income, strong purchasing power, and diversified clientele made Central World an excellent choice for POP MART to open its first store.

The mall also pays great attention to POP MART stores, with as many as 11 large screens throughout the mall broadcasting information about POP MART stores and products, including a large screen on the mall's façade that will reveal the brand's information for seven consecutive days, and an all-around display of POP MART posters and limited-edition product information inside the mall.

Mr. Wen Deyi, President of POP MART International, disclosed that in addition to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, POP MART will expand its strategic map to Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines in the future, to better lay out the potential market in Southeast Asia, and work with like-minded fans of trendy toys to deliver the wonderful experience of trendy toys, promote the development of the trendy toys culture in depth, and allow consumers to experience the charm of trendy toys. The charm of trendy toys.

Not only in the Southeast Asian market, but POP MART has also made meticulous efforts in each regional market, constantly improving its ability to communicate with consumers in-depth and unswervingly promoting its globalization strategy. In the previous half-year report performance communication meeting, POP MART said that this year, the overseas business is confident to achieve 1 billion yuan in revenue, and next year's overseas revenue will confidently exceed the entire group's revenue before the 2019 IPO, equivalent to the recreation of a POP MART in the overseas.

Since its inception, POP MART has rapidly gained a foothold in the domestic trendy toy market by its unique creative design and precise market positioning. In recent years, with the company's internationalization strategy, POP MART has begun to extend its tentacles to overseas markets, and Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and other places have become its important international markets.

In the Thai market, POP MART has successfully opened several stores and continues to attract local consumers through its rich product line, unique marketing strategy and quality service experience. The opening of the new store in Bangkok further consolidates POP MART's market position in Thailand and injects new vitality into its expansion strategy in Southeast Asia.