LDR Solutions of Mexico and Xiamen C&D Co., Ltd Sign Memorandum of Cooperation

Automotive Author: EqualOcean News Editor: Leci Zhang Jun 26, 2024 07:08 PM (GMT+8)

LDR Solutions of Mexico and Xiamen C&D company signed a memorandum to deepen cooperation, aiming to strengthen existing automotive brand partnerships in Mexico and attract new ones.


LDR Solutions of Mexico and Xiamen C&D Co., Ltd Sign Memorandum of Cooperation

EqualOcean reports that Mexico's LDR Solutions Group recently held a memorandum of cooperation signing ceremony with "Xiamen C&D Co., Ltd (厦门建发)". This event marks the deepening of their collaboration, aiming to attract new automotive brands to Mexico while consolidating their existing business.

According to available information, LDR Solutions is a Mexican holding group dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for the country's automotive and service industries. The company has secured the agency rights for several brands in Mexico, including FOTON (北汽福田), JETOUR, Magnet, CATL (宁德时代), Telematics Advance, and Fulongma (福龙马).

Founded in December 1980 with a registered capital of CNY 5 billion and annual revenue exceeding CNY 840 billion, Xiamen C&D Co., Ltd is one of the largest industrial investment groups in Fujian Province. Its core businesses include supply chain operations, real estate development, tourism and hospitality, convention and exhibition services, and investments.

LDR Solutions chose Xiamen C&D Co., Ltd as its partner primarily due to the latter's extensive operational experience and robust capabilities. LDR Solutions anticipates that Xiamen C&D Co., Ltd will assist in its business transformation and enhancement.

The strategic cooperation between LDR Solutions and Xiamen C&D Co., Ltd will focus on consolidating existing brand partnerships while attracting new brands to Mexico. Both parties will leverage their respective strengths and characteristics, enhancing information exchange and resource integration to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership.

Raúl Téllez, Chairman of the Board of LDR Solutions, stated that the cooperation with Xiamen C&D Co., Ltd is a significant step towards realizing their future development plans. It will not only benefit the brands currently managed by LDR Solutions but also facilitate the introduction of new brands into Mexico. He emphasized, "This strategic cooperation will enable us to expand our capabilities and provide more advanced and efficient solutions for our customers. Together, we will elevate Mexico's automotive industry to new heights."

Wang Zhibing (王志兵), Vice President of Xiamen C&D Co., Ltd, expressed, "The cooperation with LDR Solutions is a rare opportunity for both parties. We will work together, leveraging our strengths, to bring about positive change in the Mexican market."