Boundary.AI Secures Nearly CNY 100 Mn in Series A Funding, Focuses on eVTOL Flight Control

Technology Author: EqualOcean News Jul 08, 2024 04:05 PM (GMT+8)

Shenzhen Boundary.AI Technology Co., Ltd. (边界智控) recently announced the completion of nearly CNY 100 million in Series A funding.


This round of financing was led by cornerstone investors including CoStone Capital(基石资本), Nanshan Strategic Emerging Industry Investment(南山战新投), and Beihang Investment(北航投资), with additional investment from Puhua Capital(普华资本). CVCapital(投中资本) acted as the financial advisor for this round. The new funds will primarily be used for the construction of the company's airworthiness system and ongoing product development.

Founded in 2020, Boundary.AI has completed three rounds of financing, attracting investors such as Sequoia China Seed Fund(红杉中国种子基金), ORIENTAL FORTUNE Capital(东方富海), Puhua Capital(普华资本) and ASB Ventures(澳银资本). Founder and CEO Haimin Weng(翁海敏) stated that before founding Boundary.AI, he had nearly ten years of experience in flight control system development and civil aviation project management at an OEM. He believes that eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft) represents the future of urban air mobility, with flight control systems being one of its most critical components.

The flight control system, often referred to as the "brain" of the aircraft, is responsible for flight stability, attitude control, and trajectory control. It interfaces with nearly all onboard systems and executes safety-critical control programs, making it one of the most important subsystems in eVTOLs. Currently, the leading flight control system suppliers in the civil aviation sector are mainly foreign companies. Coupled with export controls on this technology by Western countries, domestic aviation industries face significant technological barriers in this area.

With a deep understanding of the aviation industry and safety-critical hardware and software, Boundary.AI has, since its inception, conducted comprehensive functional boundary definitions and decompositions of eVTOL flight control systems. They have exhaustively evaluated the impacts of various failures and designed their flight control architecture and functions accordingly.

Weng emphasized that this is a forward-looking R&D process that requires the team to master every technical detail and clearly explain the basis and standards of each design decision. This level of expertise can only be achieved through years of research and development across multiple customer projects. Currently, the company's flight control products have entered the engineering phase of airworthiness process development and validation.

Boundary.AI has completed the technical breakthrough and product finalization of a triple-redundant dual-channel flight control computer that meets high safety standards in civil aviation, becoming the first domestic supplier to enter the airworthiness certification phase for high-safety passenger-grade eVTOL models. The company's clients include leading high-safety passenger-grade aircraft manufacturers such as GAC R&D Center(广汽研究院), Volant(沃兰特), and EVT Aerotechnics(亿维特).