China Smart Glasses Maker Qidi Completed CNY 100M Angel Round of Funding

Consumer Staples Author: Yifei Liu Sep 13, 2022 05:16 PM (GMT+8)

The founder of Qidi is the first chief scientist of Huawei cell phone.


Smart glasses maker Qidi (Chinese: 奇点临近) has completed a CNY 100 million angel round of financing from Joy Capital, Matrix Partners and Meridian Capital. The funds will be used to explore the research and development of the first smart glasses, which will be released in H1 2023.

Qidi was founded in Shanghai in December 2021, and the founder is the first chief scientist of Huawei cell phone. Unlike other products that closely follow the concept of metaverse, the most unique feature of Qidi smart glasses product is used to perceive the environment and identify everything from the first perspective, freeing hands in front of the eyes through instant feedback information to better enhance the efficiency of people's lives and production in reality.

The team adopts the product definition and development model of a consumer electronics machine, and its product solution is to "smarten" the glasses. On the one hand, the products developed by the company will be innovative in terms of weight, battery life and wearing experience. On the other hand, compared with cell phones, smart glasses is a category that combines consumer electronics and accessories, which requires a higher sense of design, which is also the focus of the products developed by the firm.

From the release of Google Glass to now, AR smart glasses have always been in the state of many people watching but no explosive products have appeared. Since last year, along with the explosion of the meta-universe, smart glasses once again on the wind, considered the next generation of human-computer interaction center and mobile terminal. 

XR as the next generation of cell phones intelligent terminal answer has been clear, and since 2022, cell phone shipments into the industry can not retreat into the recession, and accordingly, VR shipments leaped into the threshold of 10 million last year.

The company's competitors include 3Glasses and DPVR.