Wenchao WEMART Riyadh Project Officially Begins Construction

Consumer Discretionary Author: EqualOcean News Mar 29, 2024 11:24 AM (GMT+8)

On March 27th, Wenchao WEMART Riyadh Integrated Mall was officially opened. This is the first project of Wenchao Group in Saudi Arabia, and the start of this landmark project draws closer to the opening day of Wenchao in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Sun Jianzhou, the founder and chairman of Wenchao Group, said at the groundbreaking ceremony that this day is of great significance to all Wenchao people, and it means one step closer to the taste of home for Saudi Chinese.

Wenchao WEMART Saudi Arabia's first store is located in Khurais Square in Riyadh, covering an area of 6,000 square meters, and is expected to open in November 2024 officially. The mall will adopt Wenchao's unique superstore + food court model to create the largest Asian and Chinese-themed superstore in Saudi Arabia, bringing gourmet food, fresh food and daily commodities from China and Asia to Saudi Chinese, and allowing internationals in Saudi Arabia to truly feel the charm of Asian cuisine.

In addition, Wenchao will also build about 10,000 square meters of warehousing and logistics center in Dammam area of Saudi Arabia to ensure a smooth supply chain system. Meanwhile, Wenchao has also signed a contract to build a 350-acre green farm in a suburb 95 kilometers away from Riyadh to provide Chinese people with the freshest, healthiest and safest Chinese fruits and vegetables.

Wenchao Group is a Chinese company established in Dubai, UAE, which has been focusing on livelihood industry for 17 years, and its industries cover supermarket retailing, catering, trading, agriculture, logistics, e-commerce and tea culture, and enjoys a good reputation in the Middle East. Along with the foundation stone laying of the first store of WEMART Riyadh in October last year, Wenchao officially announced its entry into the Saudi Arabia market, which is also the first physical project of Wenchao located in overseas outside of UAE, and it is another major milestone for Wenchao. At present, Wenchao has invested a lot of resources in the Saudi market, becoming the first comprehensive trading company in Saudi Arabia that is 100% owned by Chinese, and is committed to providing support and help for other Chinese enterprises to expand in the Saudi market.

Sun said, "I have had many hesitations in the course of Wenchao's continuous struggle, but I am very determined to enter Saudi Arabia because I see the unlimited opportunities under the blueprint of Saudi Arabia's "Vision 2030" and look forward to bringing more diversified commodities to Saudi consumers. As a Chinese company, Wenchao is also eager to deepen the friendship between China and Saudi Arabia, and build a bridge between business and culture to achieve a win-win situation."