Automotive Sep 29, 2020 10:41 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
The cooperation was signed between representatives of each company: Liu Ke, senior director of BYD Intelligent Networking Center, and Zhan Hongbo, vice president of Zhidaohulian; the signing took place in a ceremony on September 26 at the Beijing Auto Show. The two parties will cooperate on smart transportation, vehicle-road coordination and autonomous driving application solutions. BYD DiLink and Zhidaohulian have worked together to realize more than 300 critical traffic incident scenarios on the country's first open 5G commercial vehicle collaborative demonstration. The two parties will also carry out vehicle-road collective guided autonomous driving tests on the development version of BYD's mass-produced Qin Pro EV model. Zhan Hongbo, vice president of Zhidaohulian, said, "Zhidaohulian launched the first 5G vehicle-road collaborative demonstration road in 2019 and landed the first vehicle-road autonomous driving this year. We have accumulated deep technical understanding in the field of smart transportation. As we know that BYD is a leader in new energy and smart vehicles. This cooperation between the two parties is of great significance for vehicle-road collaboration, large-scale advancement of autonomous driving and the innovative development of smart cars."
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