Jul 13, 2021 05:31 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, China Academy of work safety and Alibaba cloud have reached a strategic cooperation. The two sides will apply the most cutting-edge digital technology to provide integrated solutions for the construction of "smart emergency", so as to enhance the ability of risk management and control, prediction and early warning, and intelligent decision-making in the fields of safety production, emergency management, and urban safety. According to the agreement, CASS will give full play to its professional advantages in the fields of safety production and emergency management, and build an "intelligent emergency" innovation platform in combination with Alibaba cloud's experience in the fields of "government cloud" and "urban brain". The innovation platform will apply blockchain, audio and video AI, knowledge mapping, natural language processing and other technologies to provide support services for safety production risk monitoring and early warning, urban safety management and other aspects, so as to enhance the ability of rapid perception, advanced early warning, emergency response and other capabilities, and form a number of intelligent products that can serve emergency management departments, enterprises and the public. In addition, the two sides will jointly carry out information technology application innovation, achievement promotion and personnel training, so as to provide technical support and personnel guarantee for realizing the leap forward development of emergency management informatization. Zhang Xingkai, President of the Chinese Academy of safety Sciences, said that it is necessary to give full play to Alibaba cloud's scientific and technological capabilities, combine the Academy's professionalism in the field of safety production, and jointly innovate a number of high-quality products serving enterprises, management institutions and the public.
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