Technology, Real Estate Aug 30, 2021 07:13 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Financial Associated Press, August 30 - the general office of the Ministry of culture and tourism issued a notice on Further Strengthening the educational management and moral construction of literary and artistic workers. The notice requires that legal education should be carried out in combination with practical work, especially the study and publicity of key laws and regulations such as the Constitution and civil code, copyright law and tax law, and focus on education and guidance to entertainers with social influence to strengthen their legal awareness, improve their ability to distinguish right from wrong, and ensure that literary and artistic workers know, understand and abide by the law. Organize the study of laws and regulations related to the construction of credit system in the field of culture and tourism, and strengthen the credit awareness of literary and art workers. We should organize and study the spirit of the documents of relevant ministries and commissions on the management of sky high price film remuneration, "Yin-Yang contract", tax evasion and other issues, as well as the industrial norms such as the administrative measures for self discipline of performers in the performance industry (for Trial Implementation), educate and guide the majority of literary and artistic workers not to touch the "red line" and the "bottom line" and improve their professional ethics.
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