Healthcare Sep 01, 2021 09:22 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On August 31, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed in Shanghai by the urological and reproductive tumor Professional Committee of China Anti Cancer Association, meinianda Health Industry Holding Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Junhui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The contracting parties will work together to build our first health screening unit for "urinary three cancer", namely, early screening, early diagnosis and early treatment of bladder cancer, prostate cancer and kidney cancer. This strategic cooperation will also be led by the special committee. Through the integration of resources from all parties and based on the massive urinary health data of physical examination population, the blue book on urinary health status of physical examination population in China will be regularly studied and published. In addition, all parties will jointly build a big data platform and publicity and popular science platform for the three urinary cancers, and promote the early screening of the three urinary cancers to join local livelihood projects and public welfare activities. After the signing of this strategic cooperation, meinian health group will work with Junhui to grandly launch the early screening physical examination package for urinary cancer. Yan Zhuohui, CEO of Junhui biology, introduced that Junhui pioneered a single-cell multiomics diagnosis platform based on the combined technology of "glucose metabolism markers + single-cell sequencing" in the world. The single-cell image analysis automatic separator developed based on the platform and the supporting urine to detect uro energy of bladder tumor cells ™ The product has been approved by the food and Drug Administration and has the characteristics of noninvasive, accurate and convenient. At present, it has carried out clinical application and research cooperation with Fudan cancer hospital and Cancer Hospital of Chinese Medical College.