Healthcare Oct 30, 2021 07:57 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Cailian, October 30 (Xinhua) - recently, the third quarterly report data released by the listed company Yunnan Baiyao triggered a heated discussion in the market, according to an article in the economic daily. The fair value of the company's trading financial assets decreased by 1.555 billion yuan in the third quarter compared with the beginning of the year. This means that Yunnan Baiyao lost 1.555 billion yuan in stock speculation this year. It is understandable for pharmaceutical companies to speculate in stocks, but their main business should not be abandoned. There are many ways to improve the use efficiency of funds, which can be realized by configuring low-risk cash management products. It needs to be cautious to use funds to engage in high-risk investment activities such as stock speculation. Moreover, the company also faces the risk of shrinking the market value of the company caused by stock speculation losses. The development of the company lies in "specialization". It is expected that listed companies will focus on the main responsibility and main business, and come up with excellent products and services, so as to win the recognition of the market and consumers.
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