Technology Nov 22, 2021 05:08 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On November 22, domestic intelligent manufacturing system service provider "SeMet" announced that it had obtained hundreds of millions of yuan of a + round financing. The investors in this round are laterite investment, Hubble investment, Jinpu investment and other institutions. It is understood that SeMet's current round of financing funds will be used in three directions, including increasing R & D efforts and improving semiconductor fully automated intelligent manufacturing solutions; Expand the reserve of human resources and further optimize the team structure; Through independent innovation, mergers and acquisitions, we will further integrate the upstream and downstream industrial ecological chain, enrich the product system, and provide complete and high-quality management intelligent manufacturing services. It is reported that the domestic CIM solution independently developed and built by SeMet covers more than 1800 functions required by 8 / 12 inch wafer manufacturers, can break the monopoly of foreign manufacturers, and is the only intelligent manufacturing software service provider in China that can support the full automatic production of 12 inch wafers. According to semitech, the pure domestic CIM system independently developed by the company has been successfully launched in a 12 inch wafer factory in Qingdao, and plans to realize full automatic production in 2022, which is the first successful case of domestic intelligent manufacturing system in China.