Dec 16, 2021 10:59 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Financial Associated Press, Dec. 16 - a spokesman for the national development and Reform Commission said at a press conference on the 16th that according to the dispatching situation, the recent fertilizer production is generally normal and the market price has fallen. Taking urea as an example, in the second week of December, the output of urea increased by 10.5% year-on-year, and the average wholesale price of urea decreased by 14.3% compared with the annual high in early November. Previously, although the supply of coal and electricity in some areas was tight in individual periods, the impact on the normal production of urea and other chemical fertilizers was generally limited. Next, the national development and Reform Commission, together with relevant departments, will continue to promote the implementation of the policies issued, closely follow up and pay attention to the situation of domestic and foreign fertilizer market, and timely take targeted measures to ensure supply and stabilize prices as appropriate.