Technology Dec 19, 2021 12:59 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On December 17, the flexible DC transmission concept in the power segment rose by more than 4% and closed down to 1.33%. Among the constituent stocks, Jingwei Huikai, CSL holdings, altex, Baiyun electric appliance, Cape testing, Xuguang electronics, Fengfan shares and other stocks rose by the limit. In terms of policy, the "14th five year plan" for power grid development of China Southern Power Grid issued in November proposed that during the "14th five year plan" period, the overall power grid construction of China Southern Power Grid Corporation will invest about 670 billion yuan, an increase of 36% compared with the "13th Five Year Plan" period; The main investment directions include intelligent digitization, UHV (with emphasis on flexible DC technology), pumped storage and distribution network. According to statistics, there are 20 flexible DC transmission concept stocks in A-share market; The concept is dominated by small and medium-sized stocks, and the latest total market value of 13 stocks is less than 10 billion. Guodian Nari ranks first, with a total market value of 241.227 billion yuan; Times electric and Zhongtian Technology followed, with a total market value of more than 50 billion yuan. The above three stocks are also the stocks with the highest attention of institutions, with 16, 9 and 9 rating agencies respectively.
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