Automotive Dec 23, 2021 02:17 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On December 22, Nezha automobile officially delivered the first electric car of Mengwa - Nezha magic child to the first batch of users. Nezha magic child is an electric stroller specially made for children. It is made of non-toxic, green and environment-friendly materials. It meets the infant toy standards in terms of material selection, design and electrical appliances, and has obtained the national 3C certification. This stroller is available in Linglong green, Douding blue, cherry red and sweetheart powder. The official price is 2999 yuan. Users can log in to Nezha auto app to buy it. Nezha magic child uses lead-acid battery, so there will be no fire accident when charging and discharging; The wheel adopts soft and safe foam soft wheel, which will not cause injury even if it directly runs over the instep, so as to realize the combination of safety and cushioning; The maximum speed of Nezha magic children is 5km / h, which is equivalent to the speed of adults. Parents can walk easily. In addition, Nezha magic children also support remote control, and the remote control command gives priority to self driving. If in danger, parents can intervene at any time. Nezha magic child adopts double motor rear drive and four-wheel independent shock absorber; The whole vehicle adopts three-layer water-based paint process of vehicle specification level, and the paint film strength meets the requirements of vehicle specification, and the paint will not fall off after slight friction; The seat and steering wheel are wrapped in "overtaking gauge" leather and equipped with five point safety belt. This stroller can last 8 kilometers on a single charge.
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