Consumer Staples Jan 23, 2022 07:29 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
The economic daily pointed out that although the "IP joint name" is good, it will be self defeating if it is "abandoned" by a brand that doesn't do business. In the past two years, KFC's joint marketing road seems to be getting wider and wider: it has carried out extensive cooperation with famous IP such as the Forbidden City, Liushen toilet water and the domestic game "original God", but from the effect, consumers don't seem to buy it. Make complaints about the combination of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Liushen Florida Water's iced coffee, which is being spilled by netizens: can it be used to repel mosquitoes? There are also Ma Yinglong lipstick and Luzhou Laojiao ice cream... Such rigid "matchmaking" has not only embarrassed consumers, but also overdrawn the feelings of the brand, but also caused a waste of resources. Culture is always the soul of IP. Brand "marriage" should also pay attention to "matching families". Only the combination of culture can make joint brands complement each other and achieve a win-win situation.
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