Automotive May 20, 2022 05:10 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Yiou automobile on May 20. From May 19, in yixinjiayuan community, Shengli Street, Shunyi District, Beijing, mushroom cars, self driving logistics vehicles and self driving shuttle cars began to provide residents with contactless distribution of living materials and provide transportation services of epidemic prevention materials for community staff. Mushroom car service has formed a standardized operation mode of community epidemic prevention, supporting the scheduling and management of multiple types of autonomous vehicles, and helping to realize the "last kilometer" epidemic prevention closed loop. After the mushroom car automatic driving logistics vehicle enters the community, the staff will load the express on the shelf at the door of the community into the vehicle, and the vehicle will be transferred to the designated pick-up point for Centralized Disinfection. Residents can pick up parts without contact without leaving the community, which can help reduce the risk of cross infection in distribution. It is reported that the maximum load of the automatic driving logistics vehicle of mushroom car union is 400kg, which can meet the transportation needs of basic living materials during the epidemic prevention and control period and reduce the pressure of express delivery in the community. The vehicle has L4 level automatic driving ability and can adapt to long-term continuous operation, Autonomous return, charging and other "unmanned operation" capabilities; Its self driving shuttle car has the transportation capacity of medium and large goods, and provides short-distance shuttle service and transportation capacity support for community workstations, anti epidemic volunteers and other staff.
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