Automotive May 23, 2022 12:04 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
According to the microblog of China Advertising Association, China Advertising Association issued a document on the suspected plagiarism of Audi brand advertising on the 22nd. Recently, the suspected plagiarism of an automobile brand advertisement has triggered a heated debate in the society. The China Advertising Association condemns and opposes this behavior of disrespect for creativity and paying no attention to intellectual property protection. At present, all major parties, including brands, advertising agencies and relevant spokesmen, have made statements and expressed their apologies. This attitude of being aware of mistakes, making an apology and actively correcting them is worthy of recognition. However, if the parties involved are more aware of the protection of intellectual property rights and learn more about relevant laws and regulations, such damage to all parties can be avoided to a greater extent.
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