Consumer Discretionary, Financials Jun 17, 2022 06:03 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
618 is the first large-scale shopping festival after the repeated epidemic this year. The e-commerce platform has been launched in advance, with bright sales data. On June 15, the trading volume of Le mall by stages under Lexin (nasdaq:lx) exceeded that of 618 last year, 40% higher than the peak since last year. At 20-24 on the 15th, the trading volume increased by 377% year-on-year. Based on the advantages of staged scenarios and focusing on high-quality customer operations, Lexin consumer finance business, driven by the shopping atmosphere, recorded a new annual high in one-day transaction volume and the number of transaction users, with a month on month increase of 32%. From the perspective of specific data, consumer electronics and beauty accessories are still the two categories of users' favorite "hand chopping" by stages. The volume of consumer electronics transactions increased by 570% year-on-year, the volume of orders increased by 20% and the number of users increased by 46%; The transaction volume of beauty accessories increased by 484% year-on-year, the number of orders increased by 224% and the number of users increased by 161%.