Financials Apr 23, 2022 04:46 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On April 23, the new generation of personal business distributed core system of postal savings bank was fully put into operation. The system is a new personal business core system built by Huawei opengauss based on domestic hardware, domestic operating system and domestic database, which is the first of large banks to adopt enterprise level business modeling and distributed micro service architecture at the same time. It is a major practice of independent and controllable key technologies of financial technology in China's banking industry. The new core system is the hard core work of the postal savings bank, which has invested thousands of business and technical backbones in science and technology for three years. After the system goes online, it can provide the bank's 637 million individual customers and 40000 outlets with an average of 2 billion transactions per day and a peak of 67000 transactions per second. This marks the upgrading of the core scientific and technological capability of the postal savings bank, which will effectively enable the transformation and development. The new core system has the following characteristics: first, according to the design idea of "decoupling reconfiguration reuse", it realizes simplification through enterprise business modeling, reshapes products and processes, and improves user experience; The second is to reduce the demand of customized and personalized product development and assembly technology, so as to reduce the demand of customized and personalized product development; Third, independent research and development of solid and reliable distributed technology platform and operation and maintenance platform, which can be dynamically expanded and elastically expanded on demand, so as to realize the full link tracking of business transactions from front-end to back-end, from service interface to internal components; Fourth, online migration is used to realize customers' senseless switching, ensure business continuity and reduce switching risk.