Real Estate Jun 24, 2022 07:24 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, Henan and other places have changed their houses with wheat The real estate marketing campaign of "garlic for house" has aroused public concern. However, the latest news in the market yesterday is that these two real estate activities have been stopped ahead of schedule. The purchase prices of Xiaomi and garlic used to offset cash are higher than the market price, which shows that the essence of this approach is to reduce the down payment in disguise, so as to provide buyers with a greater margin of interest. This avoids the "down limit" order of some local governments ", which may also be one of the reasons why it was stopped. The author believes that in order to activate the purchasing power of low-level cities and grass-roots counties, it is worth a try to loosen prices moderately and get through some outdated policies that obviously do not adapt to the current operating situation of the real estate market. However, the root cause of the downturn in these local real estate markets lies in the lack of sufficient industrial agglomeration and the limited ways for people to generate income. These" fancy "recently The public opinion aroused by marketing has also alerted the managers of some low-level cities and counties. Only by deeply excavating local resources, cultivating and developing characteristic industries, undertaking the industrial transfer of big cities, and actively integrating into the supporting industrial cluster of "strengthening the provincial capital" are the fundamental policies for the sound development of these real estate markets. (commentator pengkefeng) WebView? URL=
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