Jun 24, 2022 11:41 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
[ant group digital technology aiot Shiyi: blockchain +iot to build a reliable physical world link at the source] golden financial report, on June 23, the online seminar on new energy on the chain was held. Aiot Shiyi, the digital technology of ant group, pointed out that the ant chain has accumulated the technical advantages of a number of trusted technologies, including end cloud combined with trusted uplink, cross platform data privacy, distributed identity management, and physical asset digitization. In terms of technology and product progress, ant chain and customers have expanded ant chain trusted IOT application scenarios. At present, we have managed 500w+ devices in the new energy industry, with an average daily chain volume of 2000w+. Practical cases include: exploring the vehicle specification SDK anchoring technology with Chery commercial vehicles, realizing the credibility of vehicle data source, helping to improve vehicle life cycle management, and promoting high-frequency collaboration between upstream and downstream industries; By embedding the deeply optimized trusted uplink module antchainmaas in the distributed new energy data acquisition equipment independently developed by Wuxi Yingzhen technology, the core communication node inverter in the distributed new energy scenario is uplink; Ant chain embeds a deeply optimized blockchain module into the Hello moped, encrypts the driving data and battery, and provides a reliable risk control evaluation basis for financial institutions. Among them, blockchain +iot has built a trusted physical world link at the source. In the future, ant chain will continue to build a stack of trusted digital technologies to build a credible and efficient collaboration base for the real economy.