Chinese Live-streaming Platform Inke Rebrands as Inkverse to Tap into Metaverse

Consumer Discretionary Author: Hu Bi Editor: Yiru Qian Jun 15, 2022 06:21 PM (GMT+8)

Metaverse is unquestionably one of the most-watched trends, and companies like Inke are eager to jump onboard.

Metaverse hotel

Live-streaming platform Inke Limited (Chinese: 映客互娱集团, 3700:HK) announced the decision to change its brand name to Inkverse on June 15, as the firm expands to cover metaverse-related businesses. It is a metaverse brand name with both a poetic and futuristic taste.

The company’s chariman, Feng Yousheng, said the change was based on a combination of considerations. Previously, the general perception of the community was that Inke Limited and live streaming had a strong association, but currently, live streaming is only one of the products under the firm’s array.

First launched in 2015, Inke’s first product was a mobile live-streaming application. It provides users with a platform that combines entertainment, fashion and vivid real-time interaction.

Now, the company aims to move beyond this product to cover metaverse-related businesses. It wants to first introduce "Panorama Karaoke". This new product will utilize 3D technology to restore the Karaoke room and support immersive Karaoke and interaction, with plans to integrate with VR and other virtual reality devices in the future.

The next is a metaverse social product named "Couple Planet". Its users can successfully pair up to create a private couple space for two people, after which they will support virtual dressing, raising pets, singing, watching movies, playing games together and other scenarios.

In China, social media platforms, technology vendors and game developers are all attempting to get a piece of the metaverse cake. Tencent (0700:HK), Baidu (BIDU:NASDAQ) and ByteDance have been investing in start-ups in various segments of the industry.