China Gaming Brand miHoYo Establishes Overseas Headquarters in Singapore

Communication Author: Yifei Liu Editor: Hu Bi Jul 22, 2022 02:41 PM (GMT+8)

With the opening of its Singapore headquarters office, HoYoverse will add hundreds of new jobs by the end of 2022.


The headquarters office of HoYoverse, the global interactive entertainment brand of miHoYo (Chinese: 米哈游), officially opened in Singapore. A professional team will be assembled here in order to provide high-quality entertainment services to players worldwide.

This is another strategic move in HoYoverse's global business layout, following Montreal, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Seoul. The Singapore office acts as a key hub for HoYoverse's global distribution and operations, and will work closely with other offices and to provide technical support for game development.

"The Singapore team is significant in broadening our global development and services network," said Wei Liu, co-founder of HoYoverse, "and we are very much looking forward to having more innovative talent from diverse backgrounds join us to build the future of HoYoverse together. "

To foster a global mindset and create an office environment that inspires creativity, HoYoverse is embracing the flexible office model, encouraging employees in Singapore and North America to freely choose where they feel more inspired and productive to work. At the same time, the company will provide employees with the necessary equipment, technical support and a comprehensive benefits package to ensure an inclusive and secure working environment.

The company's competitors include NetEase Games (Chinese: 网易游戏) and Tencet Games (Chinese: 腾讯游戏).