B2B Intelligent Marketing Firm Bailian Raises CNY 100 Mn in Pre-B Series Funding Round

Consumer Discretionary Author: 杨斯怡 Nov 09, 2022 04:26 PM (GMT+8)

Chinese smart marketing field is emerging


The Chinese B2B intelligent marketing company Bailian.AI (Chinese: 百炼智能) raised CNY 100 million (USD 13.8 million) from Pre-B series funding round on 7 November, 2022. The financing was led by Enlight Growth Partners (Chinese: 明裕创投) and Fore Bright Capital (Chinese: 光远投资), followed by DeTong Capital (Chinese: 德同资本), and continued to be increased by the previous shareholders Orient Capital (Chinese: 东方嘉富) and Yunqi Partners (Chinese: 云启资本).

The funds will be used to strengthen the marketing, develop products, improve the B2B marketing product matrix and the competitive barrier of AI technology.

Bailian.AI is a Chinese B2B intelligent marketing service provider, founded in 2018, providing data-driven intelligent marketing SaaS products as well as digital solutions for companies with B2B marketing needs. It is focused on helping companies improve their marketing efficiency from market insights to sales lead development, screening, contacting and conversion through AI technology.

Feng Shicong, the founder and CEO of Bailian.AI, said that the company's objective is to become a unicorn in the B2B intelligent marketing industry and to become ZoomInfo in China.

In terms of business model, Bailian.AI chooses to serve medium and large enterprises with more purchasing power and innovation. At the industry level, the company has now covered a wide range of fields such as technology, energy, fast-moving consumer goods, finance and production, and has now achieved significant growth in business revenue scale for many consecutive years, serving a total of over 300 medium and large companies.