Cuttlefish Travel Released New Global Version, Opening Registration Worldwide

Consumer Staples Author: EqualOcean News, Xiaoran Zhang Apr 02, 2024 01:38 PM (GMT+8)

Cuttlefish Travel allows for registration worldwide, aiming to build a global travel platform.

Travel / Tourism

In the latest development, Cuttlefish Travel has officially announced the release of its new version globally, aimed at breaking geographical barriers and promoting cultural exchange to establish a global travel social platform. Starting from April 1st, Cuttlefish Travel's Chinese version will open registration for mobile numbers from over 200 countries and regions worldwide, with plans for the overseas version to be launched in the latter half of the year.

According to the official website, Cuttlefish Travel is a vibrant and engaging travel social platform, gathering a community of seasoned backpackers who seek niche creativity, fashionable travel experiences, and high-quality journeys. The founder and CEO, Mary Ping, herself an avid traveler, established Cuttlefish Travel with the mission of helping like-minded travelers find companions for their journeys. She expressed that fostering interest-based social connections to assist individuals in finding travel companions was the initial motivation behind founding Cuttlefish Travel. Over the past two years, Cuttlefish Travel's growth has attracted considerable attention in the industry. In November 2023, the company completed its Series A financing round, led by Fortune Capital. Wu Wenjie, the founder of Fortune Capital, stated that every generation has its unique approach to travel, expressing optimism about the future prospects of the travel industry and believing that young people can explore more diverse travel patterns.

As the global travel market continues to evolve and user demands become increasingly diversified, Cuttlefish Travel is closely attentive to user needs, continuously innovating and improving platform services. It is understood that the new version being released will offer more features and user-friendly designs, enabling users to easily find like-minded travel companions, share travel stories, and exchange experiences. Furthermore, Cuttlefish Travel will strengthen cooperation with various national tourism bureaus, introducing more locally distinctive travel routes and activities to allow travel enthusiasts to deeply immerse themselves in different cultures and experiences around the world.

With its steadfast commitment to being the "first stop for global travel social networking," the global release of the new version by Cuttlefish Travel signifies the company's dedication to global travel social networking and its promise to users. In the future, the company will continue its efforts to make travel a bridge connecting the world, enabling users to forge friendships, broaden their horizons, and make their journeys more enjoyable and fulfilling.