EqualOcean Intelligence – The New Infrastructure Outlook in 2020
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EqualOcean Intelligence – The New Infrastructure Outlook in 2020

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EqualOcean Intelligence – The New Infrastructure Outlook in 2020

Industrials Author: Yangni Liu Dec 19, 2020 07:42 AM (GMT+8)


EditorLuke Sheehan


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A comprehensive overview of China's 'new infrastructure' strategy, the country's fresh macro project, which is now facing a number of challenges. This report is prepared for global investors and corporate decision-makers.


  • Both the 'new infrastructure' and traditional infrastructure are important for driving economic growth and improving people's lives – but, unlike the latter, the former is intended to adapt China to the global digital transformation
  • The 'new infrastructure' development has been triggered by the fourth technological revolution, which goes along with the expansion of the digital economy's scale and the shock of COVID-19
  • The 'new infrastructure' focuses on China's short- and long-term development simultaneously: the short-term goal is to stabilize the economy during the pandemic period, the long-term goal is to fundamentally promote digital transformation
  • More than half of Chinese firms dealing with the 'new infrastructure' are in the area of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things); most of them have registered capital amounts from CNY 1 million to CNY 2 million
  • Among the seven 'new infrastructure' areas, EHV (Extra-High Voltage power) has an enormous accumulated investment scale, with an estimated CNY 1.01 trillion in place for the next six years


  • 1 Overview of the 'new infrastructure'
  • 2 The key drivers and growth factors
  • 3 Key 'new infrastructure' enterprises in China
  • 4 Industry insiders' opinions on the 'new infrastructure'

In this report

44 charts

showing the concept's development process and describing its seven areas in detail

20 industry insiders

sharing their thoughts regarding China's new tech strategy

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