WIA2020 | Next 50 in Global Tech: Smart Manufacturing

WIA2020 | Next 50 in Global Tech: Smart Manufacturing

WIA2020 | Next 50 in Global Tech: Smart Manufacturing

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This report focuses on how the new generation of information technology can empower traditional manufacturing and clear the structure and context by combining with global funding activities in industrial robots, industrial Internet, industrial AI applications, providing insights into the emerging industry.


  • This report focuses on how new tech can empower the traditional manufacturing industry
  • This report focuses on the global market and is based on financing data across the related fields
  • This report selects global startups with outstanding performance in the past year


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Highlights
  • 3 The development of manufacturing industry
  • 4 The future of manufacturing: smart manufacturing
  • 5 Smart manufacturing global innovation startups 50
  • 6 New technologies empower industry
  • 7 The strategy of smart manufacturing in Germany, the United States and China
  • 8 The digitalization of China’s manufacturing
  • 9 The vision of smart manufacturing
  • 10 Future trends
  • 11 List (Appendix)
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