SF Express Applies Unmanned Logistics for Double 11 Festival

Industrials Author: Fuller Wang Nov 04, 2020 06:38 AM (GMT+8)

For this year's 'Single's Day' shopping event, SF Express has developed a multimodal transport mode and will apply unmanned logistics to enhance overall delivery efficiency.

Image Credit: Katherine Si / Seatrade-Maritime News

To prepare for the 'Double 11' Shopping Festival and to follow logistics instructions from State Post Bureau, SF Express has developed a multimodal transport mode, and the logistics capacity and efficiency are estimated to double compared with last year. Particularly, the delivery corporation plans to cooperate with the aviation network and the high-speed railway network in China, including 60 proprietary cargo aircraft and 863 high-speed railways, some of which have over four tons capacity. Besides, SF Express also applied UAVs delivery for inconvenient remote areas, and four express freight railways in high volume areas.

SF Express also plans to equip the dispatchers with self-developed intelligent wearables to increase the efficiency of delivery. It is estimated that the equipment will save 12 seconds for each receipt, and 16 seconds for each delivery. Moreover, the company plans to equip security devices for dispatchers and drivers to ensure safety. The security equipment can keep the fatigue degree in a remote monitoring state.

Meanwhile, SF Express is applying new unmanned logistics to further enhance efficiency. The company developed a package separation system, a delivery detection system, an automatic processing loading platform based on AGV, and many other innovative tools to carry out differentiation for packages. In addition, the company is trying to use building delivery robots – and is gathering big data resources for future large-scale applications.